Sunday, November 10

Weekday update: Whats up Oman?

At times I don't understand when people say there are limited things to do in Oman, yet here we are with the start of decent weather and all activities are running at full force. I can totally relate that the country can go "dead" during the hotter months so I suggest you take advantage of whats going on now before it gets to be scorching hot again before you know it.

Well to sum up this weekends' activities there was the Royal Opera House Military performance as a highlight for good entertainment. I actually have images I want to share with you in the next post. There was the OAA Women's Day event, where the ladies could take their frustration and joy of driving out at the Go-kart track.

Then there was the opening of a little clinic catering to our toddlers; the Happy Kid Clinic opened up its doors officially to offer pediatric services to the community.

There were a few other little bits going on with Whisper of Serenity activity, Penned Thoughts poetry night, Build a Bear workshop in MGM and the Jabal Sifa event that would be available every Friday for a month.

You can find all these mentioned highlights on the Aish Elaqtta instagram account @aishelaqtta. Follow us to keep up to date.


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