Monday, March 14

Aishelaqtta Blog Update


This is not good-bye but a see you later....due to a over busy schedule I have not been able to maintain the blog, and associated social media platforms.

I will be back to posting once things settle and there is more of a balance in my life.

For now enjoy what has been posted on this blog, and I hope it’s a useful resource to all those who stop over.

Aishelaqtta ايش اللقطه
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Monday, February 22

Ceviche Master Class


Can I just say up front that this was simply divine!!

I had the pleasure of attending an afternoon Ceviche Master Class at the Grand Hyatt conducted by Chef Bruno Andres Santa Cruz. Initially I was hesitant, since I had only recently been introduced to ‘ceviche’ and had yet to develop a palate for this cuisine. Oh! What an introduction it was into a sensational culinary experience.

The group was introduced to 5 types of ceviche dishes, all cooked with the main ingredients that goes into creating the cuisine which are basically lime juice, coriander, ginger and garlic. We has a variation of lobster in coconut lime, octopus with black olives, mixed sea food with sweet potato, sea bass with tiger milk and yellow fin tuna with passion fruit. Each cooked using the lime juice and served with exclusive taste.

My actual favorite was the lobster medallions with coconut milk; it added a unique palate were initially you could savor the combination of chili, garlic, ginger and lime on the fresh lobster and then get struck by a gorgeous taste of coconut milk.

I think I could never replicate the tricks used by Chef Bruno in creating his dishes, but I have left with a biased impression that no ceviche would ever taste the same unless made by the Purvian way.

Aishelaqtta ايش اللقطه
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Wednesday, February 10

Neymar Jr’s Five Tournament


Neymar Jr is giving thousands of young football players the chance to step up their game by staging a unique knockout tournament. The striker is inviting players aged between 16 - 25 years old in more than 35 countries, across 6 continents, to team up for his five-a-side tournament, ‘Neymar Jr’s Five’.
Five local qualifiers will be held in Oman start this weekend and running throughout the month. The first qualifier will be held this Friday in Boshar and Saturday in Al Maabeila. In the coming weeks the qualifier will also visit Sohar, Sur and Salalah.
The qualifying process will start this weekend for the next month followed by a national champion advancing to the finals in July in Praia Grande, where Neymar Jr grew up, started his professional career and lately founded “Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr”.
The world final will be held in July at the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The institute’s aim is to offer extracurricular educational and sporting activities to the most socially disadvantaged children and families to promote social inclusion and encourage participation in the community.

Teams of 5 to 7 players can sign up now click here

Aishelaqtta ايش اللقطه
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