Tuesday, February 2

Peruvian Ceviche at Grand Hyatt Muscat

Do you have a thing for a popular dish; typically made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime, and spiced with ají or chili peppers. I only recently aquired a taste for ceviche and wouldnt mind exporing it further specifically from a master chef!!!

"Latin American culinary craze ‘Peruvian Ceviche’ is set to make its way down to Grand Hyatt Muscat’s John Barry Bar from 11 to 19 February with exclusive sponsorship from Turkish Airlines.

This delicacy is known to have originated from Peru where chefs use only the freshest products and ingredients within the season available. The culinary experience will be hosted by Ceviche master chef Bruno Andres Santa Cruz who is originally Peruvian but currently working at Hyatt Regency Istanbul – The Ceviche’s on the menu at John Barry Bar will include seabass in tiger milk, yellow fin tuna with mango and tumbo, Octopus and black olives, scallops with pisco and pomegranate, shrimps with orange and avocado to name a few." Source

Another exiting activity offered by the Grand Hyatt is that guests will get the opportunity to meet and cook with Chef Bruno also get to learn the tricks of creating the perfect Ceviche which will be followed by dinner and cocktails. The Ceviche Master Class is planned to take place on Wednesday, 17 February starting at 14:30 at John Barry Bar.

For more information, please email muscat.dining@hyatt.com or visit ww.muscat.grand.hyatt.com.
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