About AishElaqtta

Aish Elaqtta is a local online social blog, whose focus is to help companies, entrepreneurs and creative local upcoming ventures promote their business with new fast developing and strategic exposure.

Why blog?  Simply Exposure.

·     Blogs can be a great tool for making sure your brand appears regularly, and highly-ranked, on the results pages of major search engines like Google

·     Blogs provide an opportunity for fostering a direct relationship between consumers and corporations. As unfiltered communication media, blogs are an ideal way to make consumers feel at home with the brands they use.

·     Blogs are also a great way to engage in audience targeting. With more customizability than social media networking sites, blogs can afford to focus on the interests and aesthetics of their desired audience while building that critical part of their brand’s identity: its feel.  
      Social media is a vital tool for building engagement, generating dialogue between you and your customers and should be a pivotal part of your outreach program. I will work with you to develop a social media marketing presence across several platforms to strengthen your brand positioning, engage with your audience, manage and monitor conversations to ensure that it drives people to your site and ultimately enhance your online presence.
Ultimately, what sets blogs apart from other marketing mediums is the capacity to build direct relationships with consumers. Thus, if you are interested to be featured on the page be it an event, a local business or entrepreneur and/or talent then do drop me a line on aishelaqtta [at] gmail [dot]com.