Monday, April 20

Muscat Airport Parking

Well its about time that something gets done on this regard, and if you don't know the history of this situation, then you can find out first hand from an avid blogger who has mentioned it a few time on his blog Muscat Mutterings (MM-you can know breath a sigh of relief)

As of the latest development there was a 'Public Annoucement' published in various newspapers and media sites announcing the new multi building parking space being constructed at Muscat International Airport.

Sound great to me, but then isn't the airport shifting location, or is my information misplaced in that it would just be "updated" in its current location? Anyone who knows the info can place it in the comments below (being lazy to look it up).

Now the question is, how would this change reflect of parking rates? Currently, the three parking areas charges vary from 300bz to 500bz for short term parking.

Aishelaqtta ايش اللقطه
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  1. If the new Airport is up and running by 2018 - its worthwhile - into 2020 they will need 2


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