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Oman FM Interview

 Aishelaqtta is a social marketing platform which allows for organizations, small ventures, and local talent to portray themselves to the local community. As an integrated concept of social networking, it is where the outreach grants exposure to a broader spectrum of consumers.

As a prospect for business future of such a integrated platform Aishelaqtta is looking to expand into creating and establishing social marketing strategies for organizations, events, and start-up local ventures. As using social media can not only increase reliability and build your image in the virtual world, but it’s also effective in increasing revenues, and number of customers.

It was a pleasure and great experience to be invited by Tariq al Barwani to talk on Oman FM radio during his radio show ‘Knowledge Talks’ which focus on sharing IT related concepts and knowledge. I must commend Tariq for being very professional and reassuring me during the interview (started off a little nervous).
We had a 1 hour casual talking session, with callers calling in expressing their interest with the blog, social media and wanting to promote their work using Aishelaqtta as a platform.
Oman FM - Interview Part 1
Here are some of the talking points mentioned during the interview:
How easy is it for someone to have a presence online?
Its very easy for anyone to open up a blog, or any social media tool yet the key with having an online presence is being able to brand yourself on the web so that your online presence can be used to your advantage.
How can you do this?
  • Create an identity. What you do and who you serve to separate yourself from the rest of your those who blog around you. A web presence (blog/website) is another way to showcase yourself and what you represent.
  • Consistency is key. Sync your web identity on all platforms.
  • Content. You can have the best content in the world, but it might not give the right impact since you might be targeting the right audience. Identify your content and structure it so as to fit on different platforms based on your the presence you create.
How is social media important for businesses and the government?

The use of social media is not a marketing tool, but an interactive medium that allows exchange. Its not a static print issue, thus it gives everyone the possibility to talk to each other, exchange opinions, while getting rid of all the corporate hype and false promises typical of brand advertising.

What platform should a organisation or person use?

The platform you choose depends on what sort of a presence you want to generate on social media networks, you need to do a little research to see what best fits your audience so as to enhance your exposure. E.g. a Fashion blogger should enhance her presence using tumblr, pinterest and instagram yet not so much on twitter.

Organisations should use a platform depending of the audience they want to target, which will lead to more revenue and brand exposure that best suits the cooperate identity. Research time needs to be invested so as to determine the correct platforms, that would reflect the image that the organisation wants to translate online.

To be continued...

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