Thursday, May 29

Negativity in Social Media

There are times where as a social media enthusiast that I feel exposed to the general public, and come under pressure as to validate my thoughts, opinion and posts.  Generally I am a social person but I don’t like being pin pointed for saying or doing anything wrong. The irony is that I write a blog and maintain other social media platforms which allow confrontation or direct criticism to reach me. I took it upon myself not to remove or delete comments that may cause me to recluse from what I said or creating with this blog but there small defense mechanisms that I started using to not invest so much in what is being said.

Strange as it may be this is going to be a post on “How to avoid negative reactions on your blog”. Let’s start it off from a general prospective i.e. Companies.
Companies still seem to run a gauge of false pleasantness when interacting with visitor/ comments on their social media platforms. They are overly worried when receiving negative comment on their networks. I keep wondering why?!
Somehow it leads you to believe that they have a lot of “dirty laundry” and that they fear that it might be aired for the public to see, thus refuse to hear anything negative and maintain positive feedback about their company, product and their social media platform. If you’re not doing something right, wouldn’t you rather know about it?
Thus I share with you some ways to avoid negative comment through your social media channels, taken from a personal prospective and as a company looking to maintain a good image.
Options are:
 Be mediocre – To avoid persuading visitors to generate negative sentiments, which might then be expressed on your social media platform, avoid conquests like the plague and concentrate on remaining steadfast in what you are doing.
Make your posts as bland as possible – by reporting little of relevance or interest in your blog, you will successfully be reducing the number of people reading it, which isn’t a good thing but then you know that those reading your blog are actually looking for the information and not the engagement.
Supply immaculate commodities – Make sure that your product lives up to the hype and that it actual fail safe.  This will actually keep you at par with those around you and maintain a positive image to your viewer or customers.
Avoid expressing an opinion – this could be a double ended sword since most people like to be opinionated and have a say in what they thing about what you’re doing, thus giving you great exposure if any disagreement is generated. If you’re looking to shy away from this negative aspect then by all means don’t state your opinion since more than likely there is someone, somewhere who would probably disagree with them. Stays focused on sharing information and avoid the risk of opening the channels for dialogue and discussions.
Now what I need to add to all this that I have come a long way from being shy and wavering, and thus still in the process of learning to be all that is not what I have mentioned in the points above. If you want your social media platform to work then do the exact opposite and that would do exactly what social media platforms are supposed to do for your from a marketing prospective….
Give you exposure and a direct voice to visits/costumers.

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