Thursday, May 29

Car Explosion Hype

There seems to be a message in Arabic circulating on various social media platforms with recommendation from the ROP stating that "... all citizens and residents are instructed not to fill gasoline to full. Due to high climate temperatures expected in the coming days please everyone not to use full gasoline fuel for thier cars, in this heat because it would cause an explosion (fuel tank). The heat could cause an increase in pressure with a full fuel tank which would cause a fire to ignite. This week, five fire incidents occurred due to this reason"

Someone it trying to save the full consumption before the weekend!

There is no truth to a spate of emails circulating throughout the country claiming that full filling of petrol tank in your automobile can lead to an explosion in high heat.

Just another social media hype...

Enjoy your weekend
ايش اللقطه
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  1. 'not to mobilize gasoline fell for a car'
    'Because of the increasing pressure fuel tank tip leave petrol filling text only to leave the field of air blast and not God'

    What on earth does that mean? It's total gibberish and gobbledegook! Sounds like someone just strung a load of words together. Or used google translate....

    1. Your write I did use google translate to do a quick post.

      Thanks for noticing since I didn't have the time to the translation assuming that it was correct


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