Wednesday, May 28

Oman Airport Expansion

Most of you would've witnessed the construction work going on to create the new airport, the project in itself is supposed to be completed by this year (yet to be seen).

What are the expecation of this new structure supposed to bring to the national carrier?

 "...capacity of 12 million passengers annually, the new terminal building will have 29 boarding air bridges, 10 bus-boarding lounges, 30 remote aircraft stands, 86 check-in counters and 20 self-service kiosks counters, a second runway with a length of 4,000 metres (the original runway will also be extended to 4,000 metres) and a cargo terminal to handle 260,000 tonnes annually" source

Sounds impressive!

I just hope that they provide ample parking to go along with all the new animity. (MM there is hope yet) I was informed through the grapevines that they are actually considering to construct multi-story level car park (parking garage) area. Wonder what the charges of such a parking facility will amount to, since as I understand it, its currently not cheap to park your caar for long durtaion of time.

Thought? Impressions?
What do you think the parking situation is going to be like?

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  1. The original design had a mutiple level parking structure included as part of the MC3 package (that went to Bechtel) which is for the passenger terminal building and the parking that goes with it - not really too sure of the interface with MC1 (the CCC-TAV contract to provide the infrastructure to the airport area - roads bridges etc), but yes, there should be loads of parking. Thankfully. More chance of there being a snowstorm here in Muscat tomorrow than of the airport opening this year though.

  2. there will be 2000 covered carparks on both sides of the arrival & departure concourse as a multi level carpark facility and another 2000 covered carparks on the grade just infront of it and additional 2000 open carpark spaces next to them. If you look closely on the picture you can see the two carpark structures and the covered car park on grade in front of the concourse area....
    so Muscat International will have 6000 carpark spaces and the works are distributed between MC1 (external works) and MC3 (multi level carparks)...
    hopefuly OAMC will let you guys know how much they will charge for the parking and other facilities because you need to travel more than a 1km from the last carpark to the curb :)

  3. Now the Oman Airport
    Management Company SAOC (OAMC), a closed joint stock company owned by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman, is carrying out an expansion plan of the airport. The project, costing $1.8bn according to the latest government figures, includes expansion of the existing terminal and the construction of a new terminal.


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