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20th Muscat International Book Fair

The 20th Muscat International Book Fair held from the 26th Feb to the 7th of March in The Oman Exhibition Center is a diverse cultural event, that cover different aspects such as general cultural shows, usually lectures and seminars, art galleries, poetry evenings and other meaningful cultural events that contribute to the diversity of subjects in addition to multiplicity programs to attract the local visitors to the exhibition. 

The main emphasis of this exhibition is to enhance readership among children in which the organizing committee of the exhibition seek to expand the chance to meet individuals and institutions working in this area via collaboration with a number of writers and illustrators, librarians, publishers, educators, narrators, educational and cultural institutions and other experts who work directly with children to pass on to them the passion of reading.

A new feature of this years book fair is a selection of series of short stories for children called “آثار بلادي” tranlsates to the "My Countries Monuments" published by The Ministry of Heritage and Culture issued the  children's book, which includes cultural and cognitive content  from the Omani environment. The aim in which the short stories will be utalised by the younger generation as a source of information and knowledge to ehnace the awareness about Oman's heritage and culture, and the number of Omani sites listed on the World Heritage List.

Visitors can go to the exhibition from ten o'clock in the morning until 10 pm seven days a week except Friday where it opens at four o'clock in the afternoon to ten o'clock in the evening.

Now that I have blabbered about the event annoucement why not head over to Rummy's Scribbling and see what the underlying take is on such an event. Truth be told that Rummy really hit the nail on the head with her post.
Note: Link to website will direct to 2014 Book Fair info, which hasn't been updated in English but all information is available in the Arabic page.

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  1. Oo excellent, this sounds great, I'm glad the opening hours are so convienient too. Must check this out over the next few days. I also read Rummy's post, I never realised there were such issues!


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