Wednesday, March 4

Aishelaqtta Ramble

I usually don't cover personal prospective or circumstances on this blog, since its a event social blog allowing the reader to focus on getting to know of something new in the country or of a new venture coming up.  (Grab a cuppa govner....this is going to be a long ramble)

Let us just say that I have enjoyed the journey thus far.

I don't know how my fello bloggers feel, but to me truthfully the social media prospective is growing at a snail- like pace in the country. Those who venture into it are overly cautious and apprehensive as to the potential of how such a platform can provide additional benefit to any marketing agenda. I am hoping that an upcoming "project" will allow those reading this page to realise that social media platforms are actually an added advantage to any marketing enhancement. For those who do understand its potential and added benefit; they seem to determine that a certain category of social media personalities are those who will enhance their image yet not realising that the varied demographic of online users are not exposed due to focused social marketing niche.  

Social media marketing is not something that will not go away anytime soon, and is considered an effective tool in searching, spreading and retaining information to the general public. Yet in return enthusiasts of social media need to feel that there is an open and accepting environment, and that the services they provide is considered as such. There is a growing number of bloggers, and social media personalities out there, yet as a consumer you would need to determine which of them is an actual best-fit for your promotional strategy.

What am I rambling about? I am just saying that to utilise social media marketing a strategists would need to consider all that is available and the correct exposure that best enhances their marketing strategy or outreach. Anyone can open a blog, or have a social presence but its the quality of what's being provided that makes the difference.

I remember initially getting into the blog world during my years as a university student and then closing down the blog, or at least not making it viewable to the general public since it was getting too personal thus decided to let it go. *breaks into song* Anyhow, I ventured again into the blogging scene wanting to bring something different into the local online community and thus created Aishelaqtta, and I must say that it has been a journey. It has been a year where I met new people, realised the prospects of social media in Oman and experienced new promotional campaigns where it be in restaurants, shops, promotional activities or new incentives.

Note: I am in no way making Aishelaqtta seem that its a complete concept or the best that's out there. I still have allot to learn, and as I've said to many of those who know that I have this platform "its just there to keep me busy, and add something different to my life" -simply an outlet.

Aishelaqtta ايش اللقطه
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