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Mental Health Awareness Event

In recognition of the importance of mental health and well being Whispers of Serenity Clinic is set to hold a Mental Awareness Campaign event on November 1st 2014 at Muscat City Center. This event will coincide with the World Mental Health Day, which is a platform for fostering greater comprehension of the related issues.
Society often perceives that mental illness is minor issue, which may not affect most. However, there is growing concern that various mental health issues afflict a growing number of individuals. These afflictions, which affect all age groups, include stress, anxiety, depression or more severe conditions that go unnoticed.
The “Not Alone” initiative is lead by Janab Al Sayyida Basma Al Said, Founder, Behavioral Specialist and Psychotherapist of Whispers of Serenity Clinic. The Mental Health “Not Alone” Campaign was assisted by a great number of dedicated and talented individuals who have taken from their time to support a worthy cause. The aim presented by Whisper of Serenity Clinic is a broad perspective on the issue through a creative and graceful mode that will be presented publicly at the event.
The planned “Not Alone” Campaign event scheduled on the 1st of November in Vox Cinema, Muscat City Center at 3pm will show the First Omani Video initiative, which aims to create awareness about the issue; to reduce stigma often associated with mental illness and those individuals affected by them.
The event will include a preview of the awareness video production, representing the contributors to the initiative, at VOX Cinemas. The event will also have a public viewing area, in City Centre Muscat, where the visual production and information on mental health will be displayed. The event will also include interactive features where mental health professionals will be available to enhance visitors prospective about mental health.
Mental Health conditions are often misperceived by society as minor issues, where individuals can overcome them easily. However, current trends of mental health indicate growing number of individuals, of various age groups; suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression and in some cases severe conditions. The stigma and lack of knowledge about mental health often leaves individuals mistreated and misdiagnosed. The result is often social exclusion and isolation from professional life. An unfortunate consequence of this is the miss-treatment of suffering individuals, which may lead to their isolation from social and professional life. Confronted with mental illness and social rejection, the individual’s self-worth and well-being are severely affected.
Whisper of Serenity had made tremendous efforts via the “Not Alone” Campaign to portray to the local society that mental awareness should not be considered as a stigma and to bring forth the required knowledge to battle the lack of comprehension associated. You are #NotAlone. #Change_Begins_With_You
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