Tuesday, October 28

Underground! The Future of Waste Collection

People can literally bury their woes about unsightly, smelly, fly infested and over flowing trash bins on road sides and neighbourhood streets. New discreet stainless steel receptors on the surface with large containers below adapted to the waste collection trucks.

Picture credit Times of Oman
Received a video via Whatsapp showing the mechanism of new trash bins being mainly installed in the Muscat capital districts. These new innovative trash bins have underground cabins/trash compartments that stores the garbage underground!

Picture credit Times of Oman
Muscat Municipality will soon install more of these state-of-the-art inground waste bins with an aim to give the city a cleaner-trash friendly solution. The concept is that these over the ground bins are linked to underground metal containers, that are enclosed within steel pits. The garbage collectors excavate empty the containers everyday using hydraulic lifts.
Picture credit Muscat Daily
Now I am all for new and innovative concept, the advantages are clear. Yet I cant help but take this new efforts with a grain of salt....hear me out. Its all good that we have more inground bins that will change the face of trash management in the country. My concern now being is that the people will still do what they do in terms of throwing trash on the side of the bins, and not actually utilising the bins to its full depositing potential.

We need to educate and change mindset and not only install inground bins that will make the city cleaner.

Did I mention that we are the first country in the Middle East to use and get underground garbage bins?!!

ايش اللقطه
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