Monday, September 1

PACP Oman - Lets get those buggers

Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) is back in action and cant wait to prove themselves after a Royal decree reinstated their functionality of supervising the Sultanate's general policy on consumer protection.

Omani citizens can rest assured that PACP is out to prove they can do the job after the revoke of the initial decision at working for the implementation of consumer protection laws and regulations. Click here to see previous post on the topic.

I somehow can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that PACP have been reinstated to its full functions after recently having its roles and functionality diminished/slashed to pricing of specific fruits and vegetables.
For those of you who may want to see their website click here. It would guide you to the main page with tabs that indicate the Local Price Index, Complaints and Suggestions, Recall System etc etc.

You can also download the PACP Mobile Application, which I have on my phone and must say that it’s kept updated with a direct channel to raise complaints and stay informed. The PACP mobile app "The program provides consumer data and information on consumer goods and enabling consumers to create favorite carts to see prices variance in several stores of the Sultanate or providing advice and guidance or news that highlight the roles of the Public Authority towards the service and consumer protection. The application is also one of the channels through which the consumer can submit their complaints or views to PACP Oman." Source

Let’s get those buggers use PACP!!

ايش اللقطه
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  1. That's awesome///: especially now that they can get back into fake auto parts (a big safety concern in Oman since our car accident rates are already so high).


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