Thursday, September 4

End of Salalah Festival

I have always said that I would go and visit Salalah again during the Khareef festival but then didn’t get the chance to make it back thus far and seeing from Dhofari Gucci's blog postI don’t think I have missed much expect for the throngs of people visiting this season, and the public stunt pulled off at the Mughsayl (dammit!)

The Khareef festival is coming to an end with this being the last week of all the merriment, and then you expect the smart people to head over there. By that I am referring to those who go to visit after the festival crowd. The best time to catch the good weather, and not get bombarded by visitors is to head over when the season is over.

How many visitors on the last count?

ايش اللقطه
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