Sunday, August 31

Back to the blogging grind

 Morning Readers!

It’s been a hectic two weeks, which was filled with packing, moving and unpacking boxes and even more boxes. This is why I kept saying that I wasn’t really on holiday and actually didn’t get to take a break thus summer season at all *sob story over*
During the two weeks we were able to set up our new home, get much needed items from Dubai (2 sleepless nights) and a mini weekend break at the Shangri-La just before work and the school start-ups.
For those who have been following me for some time now, you might know that Aishelaqtta has a little column going within FACES Magazine, where I right on various blog updates and upcoming activities to expect. I have placed a little snippet below for you to get an ideal as to what I write about.

"Must say that it was a busy time; not only with social activities, but the general atmosphere that comes with having more than one holiday and occasion. I hope that you’re all prepared for the ‘Back to School’ period and have set your kids sleeping habits back to early bedtime.

Around town there were Ramadan incentives which enhanced the sense of community and charity during the holy month. There were exclusive Eid promotions and offers with the various hotels in town.  

On the social media scene for Aishelaqtta, this month we introduced a competition within the Aishelaqtta blog and Instagram account where page visitors are to show off their artistic skills using any medium of choice. The concept was to represent Aishelaqtta or the logo colors based on individual expression.

What was the reward? Exposure!

That’s really what Aishelaqtta is all about and to showcase new and upcoming talent to the local community, can you image the outreach potential?! It’s still ongoing so why not try your hand and get creative? Just email me the design work, or post it to  Instagram account with hash tag #aishelaqtta_logo to have your work reviewed by a panel of well know local artist, who are also social media activists within their fields.

If you’re still interested for a last burst of summer activities then stay posted on the Aishelaqtta blog and Instagram account, where I have recently posted of various events that would be running for August. You can also subscribe to Aishelaqtta blog thus keeping you directly updated via email. 

There is no excuse not to be up-to-date with all local events and more happenings.

No reason you should be bored in Muscat.
Get out and have some fun. There will surely be a lot of others doing the same thing!"

Keep a look out for updates and upcoming happenings that will be mentioned during the week. There is a lot going on in the local scene. You just need to know where to look and having Aishelaqtta as one of your resources for all that’s happening.

Catch you later and don’t forget to stay posted via the Instagram account that’s regularly updated with more events, and activities.

ايش اللقطه
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