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Influence Consumer Behavior (2)


So what can a marketer do to gain influencer status?
Initially a market needs to understand the impact of group behavior on consumer behavior/ purchasing influence. 
There are three categories in which consumers get influenced by; be it that they are a part of, want to be a part of and those that they relate to and can in influence buying decisions.

First group- this refers to an individual who have frequent contact with and they can influence a group during a decision making process.
Second group- This refers to an individual who have limited contact with and can be used as a reference during decision making processes.
Third group (aspiration group) - this is a reference to a group in which the individual has no contact with but had positive attraction to and often will make a purchasing decision based on what the group believe to be an aspiration gain.

Marketers looking to enhance their influencer status should do so considering the following:

-      Determine where communities are located: discover where the marketing decision and influence is within a certain community taking place on social media channels

-      Determine which groups/communities are appropriate Aspiration Groups become a part of a group that exerts influence, and thought out leaderships topics related to the marketer’s products or services. The common influencing factor within this group is not the typical consumer behavior, but is seen as more of an expert within the group thus trusted with marketing decisions.

-      Become a new member it’s considerably easy with online social media channels to become part of any group. Utilizing the right communication channels a marketer can become part of a continually increasing number of consumers' secondary reference.

-      Establish yourself as an expert: build a strong reputation and become a member who consumers turn to as an expert to influence their decision making process. Reference

To be an effective influencer with your social media channels, and to utilized them to enhance marketing powers, marketers need to identify themselves and what they are representing. Also, consider understanding the dynamics of a group so as to figure out the maximum potential that can be gained by being part of that consumer group. Ultimately transparency is key to influence consumer behavior.

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