Thursday, July 3

Influence Consumer Behavior (1)

An interesting article by Saleh Al Shaibany in the Times of Oman indicating the strength of social media on Omani consumer strength and the utilization of the younger generation of such social media tools as a method of quick communication.

The article talks about the recent strike and how social media tools were utilized as a method of generating solidarity with the Omani employees whom used social media networks as a means to communicate their stand against the work condition and their demands. The shocking aspect to the management of the hypermarket is that the consumers/visitors to the store stopped visiting the store and under hearsay rumors that the hypermarket got affected in over 40K sales that day.

This is only an indication that there is a high impact in the utilization of social media as a means to influence consumer behavior. Consumers’ specifically the younger generation are turning to online resources and social media tools as a power weapon influencing their purchasing power in the local market. It is no longer the basic economic situation of supply and demand but those online services has opened up a window in resourcing information search on a specific product during purchasing decision phase. Consumers now go online to find out the required information about a specific product before making the decision to purchase, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions when coming to retail products and purchasing power.

Marketers actually have an opportunity, if utilized correctly, to develop a significant amount of influence on consumer behavior through social media channels. All too often marketers run on into social media without having a concrete social media strategy and end up being kicked to the curb due to lack of effective social media marketing procedures, which could actually boost up sales rather than be their down fall. The results, as you can imagine, are pretty painful to witness.

So what can a marketer do to gain influencer status?
The answer in my next post.

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