Monday, April 14

Winners of Grand Hyatt Social Media Competition

You may have heard the news from my fellow bloggers, but here it is again just in case you didn't catch it.

The winners of the Grand Hyatt Truly Asia Social Media Competition are:


I have looked through the results of the competition, and noticed two of the names mentioned on the Aishelaqtta blog. Great going visitors since I also understood that they increased their chances by visiting the other participating blog pages. FatSu, Oman Collective Intelligence, Muscat Mutterings, Andy in Oman and The Duncan Adventures)

Stay posted with the local bloggers, since we were informed of a few up and coming competitions that will be running over the social media channels. Also keep a look out on the Grand Hyatt facebook page for upcoming announcements, and offers.

You never know you might be the next in line to win more than just a hotel stay :) did I say too much?

Head over to the Aishelaqtta's instagram account to view pictures of the offical opening of Desigual in MGM. Ohhhhhh and for those of you attending Insta8Oman see you later today (more info are on the blog and instagram account-registeration invite mentioned)

ايش اللقطه

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