Sunday, February 16

Insta 8 Oman

The instagram community is all abuzz with a new concept in social media, the Insta8oman event which is expected to run by mid-end of March is lighting up the local instagram public.

What is insta8oman?
Aishelaqtta has been assigned to allocate/search/dig up the 7th motivational speaker for this platform.What a befitting way to bring about an inspirational presenter via social media tool ie this blog. Do you consider yourself passionate about a specific topic? Do you have a huge following via instagram? Would you like a platform to showcase yourself and your inspirational concept?
Then this is the platform for YOU!
The concept in itself is simple....

8 moments in 8 minutes by 8 motivators

Basis of it is 8 motivational speaker will have a platform to talk about their motivation, inspiration and any free knowledge sharing topic that's close to their hearts using their own instagram account, and 8 images from their accounts that is related to their topic. The 8 motivational speakers will have a few minutes to introduce themselves and what they do, then 8 minutes to talk about their topic using the power of social media and the power of instagram.

8 moments in 8 minutes by 8 motivators
If you have what it takes, then simple email Aishelaqtta on aishelaqtta[@]gmail[dot]com. Where you will be among other nominated motivators who will be registered via Aishelaqtta instagram account and get choosen via votes casted as 'likes' to be the Aishelaqtta's 7th Insta8oman speaker.

 Do you have what it takes? I think so....
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