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Tour of Oman Feb 2014

The fifth edition of the Tour of Oman starts on Tuesday 18th of February 2014 and the race ends 6 stages later on Sunday the 23rd covering the total distance of 915.5 kilometres.

Route stage 1: As Suwayq Castle–Naseem Garden
From coast to (the same) coast, that’s today’s stage in a nutshell. Leaving As Suwayq Castle the riders take a spin landward. At about 1/3 they face a modest climb at Al Rustaq (340 meter). They pass Al Awabi (intermediate sprint), Al Mahaleel (lunch time) and Nakhal before approaching the coastline again in Barka. From there it’s a breeze to Naseem Garden
Route stage 2: Al Bustan – Quriyat
Today’s departure town is about 50 kilometers down the coast from Naseem Garden, yesterday’s arrival place. Upon leaving Al Bustan the bunch heads north, to the capital Muscat. From there the riders go south.
Route stage 3: Bank Muscat – Al Bustan
Just like in the first two stages, the third stage starts and ends near the coastline. In fact, just like in stage 1 the riders take a royal spin landward.
Route stage 4: Wadi Al Abiyad–Ministry of Housing
All arrival towns in the 2014 Tour of Oman are actually quite close to each other. Ministry of Housing is no exception. The spot is well known from past Tours of Oman. This year’s leg to the Ministry of Housing is no duplicate from 2013’s, but the final is. In all likelihood, the climb of Bousher Alamrat (355 meter) will be the decider. The ascent is 3.6 kilometers in length with an average gradient of 10%, awaiting the riders at 57 kilometers, 27.5 kilometers and 12.5 kilometers from the finish line.
Route stage 5: BidBid – Green Mountain
Just south of the main action in 2014’s Tour of Oman is departure town BidBid. Riders head further south and penetrate the Al Hajar Mountains, a range with highest peaks of 3.000 altimeters. The bunch is not going that high up. The climax is at Jabal Al Akhdhar, located at 1.235 altimeters. Since the climb’s introduction in the Tour of Oman in 2011 it has been the decider. Jabal Al Akhdhar is a 5.7 kilometer ascent and the average gradient is 10.6%. That said, the closing 2.000 meters are the toughest, with an average gradient of 13.5%
Route stage 6: Al Sifa– Muttrah
Starting off on the 23rd of Feb and running for 145km. Riders venture on the mountain slops of Sifa and ride through to Khairan and Yiti all via the coast. Approaching the climb at Jussah heading to Al Bustan. From there on they are faced with another hill ride towards Al Amerat to take a longer route. Finishing the race through Madient Qaboos and head over to Muttrah Corniche.

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