Thursday, February 13

Oman Weather

School is OUT! Most of the private schools have called off due to weather warning from ROP.

"In view of the forecast of inclement weather over the Sultanate during the weekend, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has urged the citizens and residents to take extra precautions while crossing the wadis or venturing out into the sea.

All the ROP departments, especially the rescue teams, coastguards, ambulance and civil defence personnel, are fully geared up for any emergencies.The ROP has also asked people not to indulge in over-speeding while driving in the rain since vehicles tend to be less stable and there are increased chances of accidents. The motorists must ensure that the vehicle's brakes are foolproof and working well. Similarly, the windshield and the lights should be doubly checked, the ROP cautioned"

This is expected to continue over the whole weekend, with heavier rains due in by tonight and tomorrow.

Wonder if I can still go to the party tonight?

ايش اللقطه

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  1. You didn't come to the party last night!!

  2. Oh no, over the whole weekend... I'm depressed!

    1. arent you glad that it was for only one day :)

      Enjoy the rest of your week


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