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Gallops of Oman

Gallops of Oman event is from 17th-21st February will bring a unique experience to the Sultanate.

The event starts on Monday, February 17th at El Mintrib, Bidiyah, a 2.5 hour drive from Muscat. The ride ends on Friday, February 21st at Qudaymah, a 4.5 hour drive from Muscat, along the coast beyond the village of Al Ashkarah.

Never witnessed before in the Middle East, the event promises to bring prestige, adventure, competition and festivities to the region.

Supported by the Royal Cavalry and the Royal Court of Affairs, this first-time annual event is bound to entice and involve the elite of the country. This esteemed event which will take place over 180 kilometers through the Sharqiyah Sands, will be broken down into five stages and spread over six days.

The endurance race will start at El Mintrib – “The doors of the desert” with the finish line near the sea.

The schedule is as follows:

February 17th: Starting in Al Rakah at 8am, the welcoming ceremony will debut this five day endurance competition. The first leg will be 40 kms where the riders will head to Tiwi Wareed, the second camp.
February 18th: The riders will cover a distance of 41 kms where they will head to Tiwi Khazeena Camp.
February 19th: The third stage will cover 34 kms before the riders reach Tiwi Al Hatayem Camp.
February 20th: The riders will cover a distance of 30 kms before reaching Quhaid Camp.
February 21st: The fifth and final stage will see participants cover a distance of 26 kms, concluding the race at Qudayma Camp. Adjustments will be made along the route to bring the total distance to 180 kms.
How can I find the Start and Finish lines?
Start Line – Monday 17th February (approx. 2.5hrs drive)
  • Take the Nizwa road from Muscat and pass Bid Bid.
  • After the Shell petrol station, take a right along the Sur road.
  • Go straight through Ibra until you reach Bidiyah.
  • Take a right at the Shell petrol station and go straight until you reach the desert.
Finish Line – Friday 21st February (approx. 4.5hrs drive)
  • From Muscat take the coastal highway to the town of Sur.
  • Follow the scenic route along the coast all the way past Ras Al Khabbah, Aseela and Al Ashkarah.
  • It will take you approximately 4.5 hours to reach Qudaymah from Muscat.

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