Tuesday, February 11

Highlighted Events of Muscat Festival

I've listed some of the must see highlights of Muscat Festival, and a few other activities that are not to be missed for this years program.
Acrobatics motorcycle daily shows held in front of the main gate of Al Amrat Garden during two periods; the first period at 7:30 pm and the second one at 9:00 pm.
Spanish pavilion, which is characterized by the presence of leather handmade items, with beautiful designs that fascinate you with their form and size.
Omani Dagger stall, representing the rich culture and tradition to visitors. Where you can find out the process in making the daggers and get to purchase one as a memento of Oman.

Visit the Al Amerat venue and dont miss on visiting Mr. Said Sulaiman Mohammed Al Yazidi's stall that is peppered with his interesting creations.
Two major international events-will also be held at the Al Amerat Park
  • International Festival of Traditional Arts, various Arab, Asian and European countries, including Oman, Morocco, Tajikistan, Bahrain, Turkey, Russia, Iran and India would be showcasing various dates.
  • International Festival of Crafts, two sets of a total of 30 countries from around the world would participate from January 23 to February 7 and from February 8 to February 22, at the Al Amerat Park. click here

Upcoming events:

Oman Automobile Endurance Race on 14-15th Feb @3pm OAA Seeb
Al Fursan National Aerobatic Team from UAE 14-15th Feb on Seeb Beach
Qurum Amphitheater Singers on the 20th Feb @8pm next to Qurum Park

Muscat Festival official web site click here for more info.

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