Sunday, April 13

Social Media IQ

Is it just my imagination, or does it suddenly seem that everyone is a social media “expert”?

Social media, Social media marketing, social media networks and social media tools are a few phrases that are being tossed around a lot recently, specifically in the local community. Yet are times its difficult you address to the true concept of social media. Its not about opening an account of Facebook, twitter, instagram and any other social media platform and its definitely not based on the number of followings that you generate or when you actually established your social media accounts!

If you think that your a social media"guru" just due to the above mentioned points, then your giving the whole concept a negative representation. Social media is an instrument of communication, just like a newspaper or a radio, thus your concept should be based on sharing information and interactions based on whats being shared.

 “You are not a social media ‘guru’ if you have the ability to create a Facebook business page, Twitter account, and have a couple of social media apps on your smartphone.” Source
Every now and then I have recently found those who consider themselves "social media savvy". Yes, you might have a huge following, you might be approached for social media marketing or advertising but then do you really know what it takes? Lets saying you have over 2000 followers on instagram but probably less that 100 tweets a month then don't get delusional that your actually a proclaimed expert.

Social media is a growing trend, and doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon as a marketing concept. Yet set a strategy of your use of social networks, create a concept that people can recognise as your own.

Consider this the next time you want to delve into labels
Have you constructed full-scale campaigns focused on strategically expanding a client or employer’s social media presence? Within that framework, did you do the painstaking research necessary to thoroughly understand the content your audience desires? Source
I don't claim to know the first thing about social media concepts or marketing strategies, but I am adamant to learn and develop to what's available.

Let me hear what's you thoughts are and what you consider a "social media expert" really is.

Something to think about...

Aishelaqtta Up Coming post: What is Social Media?

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  1. Good post!
    There are experts and gurus all over, didn't you know? Let them be, they only make you look better and you'll always be a step ahead ;)

    I blogged about the same topic sometime ago, take a look at it if you have time (

    Keep up the good work.

  2. This made me smile - my inbox is filled with "guru" social media and marketing emails, mostly from dubai but still a good few here in Muscat :)


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