Tuesday, April 22

What is Social Media?

Social media is a fundamental tool for building engagement, generating dialogue between you and your customers and should be a essential part of your outreach program.
What social media “enthusiasts”(that’s what I like calling them) do is work with you to build up a social media marketing existence across several platforms, so as to reinforce your brand positioning, engage with your audience, manage conversations to ensure that it drives people to your site.
It’s a not your basic ‘let’s run an event’ and let the people know about it.
It’s beyond that concept where we can create strategic concepts, which lead to your event or end product marketing with the added bonus of one-to-one interactions.  It also gives your marketing strategy a voice, due to interactions and a personal aspect that cannot be achieved via print.

Imagine that suddenly you have an event, product, cooperate organization that responds directly to the consumer without hesitation, and from a human/individual aspect. These responses are either from someone who has either experienced the situation, knows more about the information being given, or have a direct link to get your get you an answer.
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