Thursday, February 27

Taste of Thailand in Asia Resturant, Shangri-La at Barr al Jissah

If your looking for some authentic Thai dishes then you need to go to the right place. Based on my experience yesterday the Taste of Thailand in Asia Resturant, Shangri-La at Barr al Jissah was just the that.
Asia located by the Shangri-la heritage village is a very spacious restaurant with a trendy modern look and feel to the place. The cuisine at Asia is pan-Asian with dishes from Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia.Shangri-La at Barr al Jissah have introduced two visiting chefs; Chef Wasana  and  Chef Amom Munthi  whom yesterday teased our taste buds with a 8 course menu. I think my palete experienced all that it could yesterday from taste and amora coming from the dishes.
Various dishes on the "Media Set Menu" (we were a big bunch of social media ambasadors as the Sn. Communication Manager called us) really brought out the flavors of what was being served. I must say that the most memorable dish was the starter of Miang Kham, which was a very interesting in terms of taste and presentation, you wouldnt imagine that a bit of leafy green could deliver such a punch to your taste buds. This dish is not for the timid.
The favorite dish with everyone on our table was the Kaeng Massaman Nuea, which comprises of short braised beef short rib in rich peanut sauce, which came with a bowl of steamed jasmine rice.

I dont consider myself a foodie, but i do enjoy trying new dishes and must say Thai food has never failed me. I dont think that my taste buds has ever been teased so much (keep it clean) in all that we were served last night.
Seeing that this is my favorite cusine I would go again to see whats on the a la carte menu, and I do recommend getting a taste of Thailand from the Asia Resturant. The chefs will be in town till the 9th March and together they will take you on an exotic culinary adventure to discover the best signature delicacies of Thai cuisine.

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