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Oman FM Interview - Part 2

Oman FM - Interview Part 2
Here are some of the talking points mentioned during the interview:
What's the advantage of Social Media?

Social media is a tool that allows for the user of any platform to build engagement, generate dialogue and enhance general outreach to customers. It gives your marketing strategy a voice, due to interactions and personal aspect that cannot be achieved via print media.

Suddenly, you have a product, promotion or image that responds directly to the consumer without delay, and from a human/individual prospective.
Why a blog?  
    Simply Exposure
    Blogs are a great tool to utilise, since they allow to make your brand appear more regularly, foster a direct relationship between consumers and corporations, and a great way to engage your target audience.
    You  have a platform that can "feel" and interact based on the interest that it generates.  
What are your future plans?

I would like to believe that the sky is the limit, since social media marketing and advertising isn't something that's going to go away anytime soon.

I would like to enhance my knowledge and exposure to social media strategies and marketing activities. Where I can implment knowledge and methods to increase a companies methodology in using social media. Anyone can open a Facebook page, instagram account and have a presence on twitter, it is what you do with those platforms that actually can generate increased revenue and sales, plus create a branding image to your product.

There are no boundaries with social media.

Thank you Tariq Al Barwani for this opportunity and looking forward for future radio collaborations with 'Knowledge Talks' related to social media. I will also upload the voice recording of the interview onto the Aishelaqtta Vblog.

Link to see Part 1 of the interview

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  1. Thank you Dhalia - the pleasure was mine actually. Your contribution to the society is noteworthy!


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