Monday, March 10

Vit 'D' Omani Summer Days

It seems that the summer season has stopped knocking at our doorsteps and has finally announced its full fledged arrival in the region. Today's temperature hitting 30 degrees felt more like 45 if not more!! (its hot!) Can you imagine what May-June-July would bring? and Ramadan being amidst all that?!?

Well, with all this in mind Omani's have actually been advised to get a dose of Vit D into their system. We seem to be lacking in the cancer fighting vitamin- for obvious reasons, thus need to boost up especially during the hot summer months. You would naturally want to avoid the sun but getting a little brown would surely outweighs the need to get your cancer fighting cells in check.

''The importance of vitamin D lies in its ability to absorb calcium and phosphorus, which are nutrients that play important role in protecting human bones and the strength of muscles, besides helping in fighting diseases such as colon cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, Type I diabetes, and the common flu." Source link

Get exposed to direct sun! Naaaah....actually the best time is in the early hours of morning, where your likely to get the maximum exposure to Vit D . Instead of getting burnt you would need to forgo on some snooze time for some fresh dose of Vit D via our rising sun (that alot to digest).

To see all the benefits and overview of Vit D click here
Blog post was derived from Times of Oman article link 
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  1. Dear Blogger, this is a suggestion,,,I like the format and design of your blog, but it would be nice to make your own content or at least site where you get content. For example, I read basically the same story about this vitamin D in a Times of Oman article about a week ago. And, the fact that you have packages to sell Western countries you might be sued because you are banking off other peoples publications...just a thought....not to mention there is not much integrity in it. If you sited the original article where you got the idea and used quotation marks in copy/paste sentences as a journalist courtesy it would be better as some journalist at Times of Oman took the time and effort to write the's the same a stealing if you don't site them. I know many Omanis copy/paste from the internet and books all the time especially at universities, but it is a totally unacceptable practice. this sentence 'the best time for sun exposure to maximise vitamin D absorption is in the early hours of morning' is exactly the same wording as the Times article. So again if you lived in a European country you most likely are in violation of copyright infringement.

    1. Anon,

      What your referring to in your comment is called "pilgrims". I make sure to refer to all of my sources when writing on the blog and there was no intent of plagiarising from any source. You would notice this with my other posts as well.

      The whole intend was actually informing the local community of the actual medical deficiency within a lot of those living in hot climate areas, without their awareness that they might be lacking on the required vitamin. As for the "morning sun exposure" I know for a fact that its actually the early hours of the morning that bring about the best time to get exposed, since my children had been born with jaundice, which meant taking them out at early sunrise to get a dose of vitamin D.

      Anyhow there was no intent of plagiarism, and if anything I wanted to be informative. I must say that I did read the article on Times of Oman and it had lead to this blog post, but as mentioned earlier I do ink my sources to all if not most of my posts. Unless given directly to me in the example of the Oman Sail post which was given directly to me by the publishers.

      Thanks for stopping by and I do hope that this incident doesn't stop you for following the blog. I have made adjustments to the post.


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