Sunday, March 23

Rummy in Antarctica

Rummy in Antarctica- Rumaitha Al Busaidy aka Rummy on the Radia our local Radio DJ for Merge FM. She has been MIA on the radio waves recently since she has embarked on her adventure to non-other than Antarctica!!

 "...have officially stepped foot on continent number FIVE! And soon enough number six will be on the way and I would have to make plans to visit Australia in the near future to be able to say that I have visited all seven continents of the world"
She restarted her blog to talk about her adventure and thoughts that goes along with taking on such an endeavour. Recently she posted a picture on her instagram account that she has recently completed her adventure and will be on her journey home soon.
"I DID IT! Mission #Antratica is complete. Yup finally got internet connection to kee you updated!"
So stay posted with her blog and read for yourself her experience inthe coldest, driest, and windiest continent!

I know that I am looking forward to seeing her after her adventure just to know the feeling of accoplishing something as grande or as she put it "crossing off her bucketlist".

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