Monday, March 24

Are we losing out?

How many of you can really raise your hand and admit that you do not use any form of technology? That you are a whole hearted technophobe? That you only means of connecting with others is actual interactions and maybe on occasion snail mail?

Do people still write letters now?!?!?
Oman Collective Intelligence blog posted a campaign raised by Durex for Earth hour (out of all people) to reconnect with those around you during that hour (non sexual). Did it have to take a company like Durex to inform us that technology has overtaken the social norms of interaction between people? It got me to thinking that “people are losing out on connecting with those around them and social apathy is also affected. They are more interested in the significance of the moment online then actual social interaction” (expressed on the blog post)
Are we really being social when all our interactions are done via technology? Through social tools an individual can attain real power and rally information, but are we dwelling on our online supremacy or rather substituting social norms to attain some sort of status.
I must admit that I am a big victim in this social game, and being a advocate of technology yet I want to believe that I see it as it is; just a tool to communicate, inform and market.   
Wonder where would be down the line…are we to be enslaved to a virtual reality? No one can doubt that communication technology has enhanced humankind but then we need to consider what we value as real. It’s soon going to be that life events are no longer important as the virtual image that comes along with it.

ايش اللقطه
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  1. No doubt that we are dominated by technology and the Social Media. I can't remember the last time i looked straight into ones eyes and wished him/her a Happy Birthday. I think people are very comfortable in this real like unreal scenario where they really don't care the standards of humanity. Wasn't technology made to save our time... I Wonder!

    1. I am waiting for the time where techology gets virtual and we end up sending our image to interact socially.....far fetched maybe but a reality none the less

  2. Thank you for the mention :)

    I think (but hope not!) we are approaching the point where we would prefer to huddle behind a computer screen and avoid human contact. Although that may sound extreme, some people actually resort to messaging on their phones rather than talking to each other when they are in the same room. Maybe it’s all going to far?

    1. Its happening so you are right on the money on that one. It is used as a way of gossiping in the presence of others

  3. There is an old man in Rustaq who is famous for have a basket hanging on his majlis/sabla door. Beofre any man is allowed to enter, even a guest, he must put his phone or ipad or what have you into the basket, since the people texting instead of talking were driving him crazy.

    I try to keep a similar rule in my own house but no quite as crazy-funny-old-Omani;) as a date palm frond phone basket. Work, and set times are fine. But people in person come before the people whose words are signals, and signs, not breath, emergencies excepted.

    1. Pleasant story....
      I shall be the old man :)


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