Thursday, January 16

Oman National Railway Project

Oman plans to initiate construction of the first phase of a $15 billion rail network in the fourth quarter of 2014. National Railway Company to oversee implementation of the first phase of the railway project that will now include the southern region also, according to Dr Ahmad Bin Mohammad Al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communication.

Oman’s 1,061-kilometre National Railway System is part of the proposed inter-GCC railway network that will run from Kuwait to Muscat, and onward to Salalah and likely to reach Yemen.


The first phase of the national railway network will include four divisions — from Sohar Port to Muscat, encompassing a 242km link from Sohar Port to Al Misfah (Muscat), an 8km spur line to Sohar Railway Yard, and a 20km link from Al Misfah to Muscat Central Station, from Muscat to Duqm Port, comprising a 486km line from Al Misfah to Duqm, and an 84km link from Sinaw to Ibra. The third stage from Sohar to the UAE border via Al Ain will have a 136km line from Sohar to Al Ain and a 27km spur to Buraimi. The fourth division will be from Sohar Port to Khatmat Malaha (58km) on the UAE border. source

To read more about the project Click here and here for the company web-site

This project may be a long way coming, but its an project worth  having, and would actually ease transportation issues in the region. Can you consider the benefits that such a project could generate?

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