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Know your prey before setting the bait
If your tribe holding you down? Or rather your company perception as to what social media and social marketing should be perceived?
There is definitely an emerging trend with all things digital, and the medium of communication now aren’t the typical advertisements you find in news papers. We have evolved into a IT generation, and those who refused to ride the Ark are finding themselves struggling to keep afloat.
Internet Marketing and social networks are the tools to achieve that gate pass into a known all generation, and defiantly to marketing your product and services. What does it mean to be an IMer? To open up a face book page, twitter account, instagram, and a fancy looking website? You would think it’s that easy. Yet what most of those “diving” into social media seem to forget is the simple interactions, and make it worthwhile to keep afloat in a all tech environment. Some of those out there are simply selling garbage, while others are going in with shark bait.
Ok…. I will stop with the whole Ark- fishing analogy, and say it to you straight.
To delve into social media marketing you need to be the market, and realize that the consumer is simply within reach with everything that you send floating towards them (I couldn’t resist). What I’m trying to say is that your building a communication channel that goes directly and publically to everyone without filtration, so why not make it a product that is presented in an attractive eye catching manner and not your regular put together after thought.
I am no expert but I am an avid learner, and truthfully tired of the lack of information that is out there or at times the opposite overload of information. The smartest have built strong, sustainable businesses by providing real value to their customers.
I have said this a few times before to several of my friends and colleagues, make your message uncomplicated and focused so that you can be identified for a specific concept or objective. All I am saying is consider your audience, and realize that it’s actually work and not effortless copy/paste work that goes into building an online presence. It might just be the right tools you need to gain access into the Ark and get your hands on a killer wave to your consumers.

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