Thursday, January 16

HR Oman Summit

Upcoming HR Oman Summit which will be held on the 27-29th Jan; organised by Fleming Gulf aims at creating a learning platform for the HR professionals in Oman across all industries; bringing together HR Professionals from various industries to share insights and exchange their best practices to keep up with the pace of changing demands of growing industries.
"This year’s HR Oman event brings together distinguished HR professionals to discuss and benchmark crucial issues on how to seize new opportunities with value-added HR strategies in today’s market and creating maximum impact in the business." source
Key topics discussed during the Summit are as follows:
  • Employee Engagement
  • Multifunction Workforce
  • Performance Management : Implementation and Best Practices
  • Importance of leveraging Diversity & Inclusion
  • Building right HR Capabilities to keep up with business evolving needs
  • Role of Labour Unions : Opportunities and Challenges to Overcome

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