Tuesday, December 17

Local Happenings: Muscat Festival

Are you ready Oman? mark your canlendars

Muscat Festival 2013 saw over 105 events including Tour of Oman and more than 1.5mn visitors. As many as 800,000 people had visited the festival venue at Amerat Park, while 600,000 visited Naseem Garden.
Over 30 countries participated in the International Trade Fair at Naseem Garden. Riyam Park also hosted a three-day Muscat Fashion Week as part of the festival this year. source

Muscat Festival 2014 has been annouced to run from Jan 23rd to 22nd of February 2014, traditional craftspeople from across the world are invited to participate. The festival showcases Omani and neighbouring Arabic culture with poetry recital, traditional dancing and craft displays. The event also attracts dance and acrobatic acts from other countries and includes fireworks and shopping stalls, mainly from the subcontinent and Far East.

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