Wednesday, December 18

Blog Topic: Local Blog Outreach

Well, I have been dwelling on this subject since I started re-blogging again (been a blogger since 1998) and I thought that I would put it out there to see whats going with the social conscious people in the community.

I've started using this phrase since I have seen it online and linked it on the blog ad page that "Social Media is basically the word of mouth on steroids!" and excuse my reference to drugs, but then again its somehow relevant to this culture; and how effective it can be when "spreading the word". Be it good ( rare) or bad news (very common).

So my questions and personal survey if you wish is this;

1. Where do you get your information from as to whats happening in the local scene?

2. Is it up to date?

3. Do you feel that the coverage of events your getting on newspapers, online news, TV, magazines, and social networks is working?

4. Do you find the local blogger community effective in sending out the message of whats going on in the country? (with this I am referring to Muscat Muttering, Andy in Oman and Oman Collective and all due respect to other local bloggers)

I feel that somehow there is a lack of publicized information, and thus I have tried to centralise information within this blog, and enhance public exposure to whats going on. You can read more here about 'Why Aishelaqtta?' and 'Advertsing on Aishelaqtta'.

Somehow I feel that with the new digital age, there is only a certain niche of people who are effectively active online. Though i must say that the trend at the moment is every so slightly changing.

C'est la vie in Oman

ايش اللقطه
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  1. Thanks for the mention :)
    Another good blog on local happenings is Oman Coast, check it out.


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