Monday, December 16

Hot Topic: Miseducated Care

I was going through my old personal blog, when I came across something I had written then and remembered it was based on a true story at the time. How the same message within the story has not changed, and that if anything the situation may have gotten worse with time.

"Carrying her sleepy son in hand Muna headed into the bedroom so as to change him into his pyjamas anticipating as little fuss as possible since Majid was in deep slumber. As she placed him on the bed and gathered his cloths from a nearby cupboard she heard him gently snoring and her heart filled with love tenfold. A love unconditional that it can never be expressed.

Muna lifted Majid slightly so as to take off his grimy shirt, which she noticed was filled with mud from earlier where he was playing with her younger brother in the garden. As she lifted the shirt she heard Majid mumbling and whimpering, she smiled looking at her little man as he automatically lifted his arms with his eyelids shut tightly. “NO! don’t take me” he suddenly shouted. “No no no, I refuse to go” he repeated again and again with his eyes still tightly shut not wanting to completely wake from his slumber.

Muna was shocked as to why her son was shouting and had a expression of pure fear on his face. She asked him gentle “Majid, where don’t you want to go? What’s wrong?” though his sifted sleep Majid said “I don’t want to go to play school” and with that Muna lifted her tense son into her arms forcing him to respond to her interrogating question “Habeebi (sweetheart) Why not? Don’t you like playing with other kids?” Majid half awake now looked at his mother with heavy eyes “They beat me with shoes, and put me on the naughty chair” Muna fell silent for a moment; she gathered her tiny boy changed him into his cloths and tucked him into bed. “Go to sleep, you won’t be going to play school again” she said soothingly to her snoozing toddler though her mind was racing with all the hurt and pain she felt for him, and the trauma he seems to have endured." Wardatil'7leej

How many of such incidents can you came acroos on a personal or a even a second hand level?

As a working mother I have no choice but to send my child to school, since the alternative would be to sit at home with the nanny and get babysat by the TV. I would rather my child interact with other children, and given the attention s/he needs to thrive. I must say that I have been fortunate in that the nursery I send my daughter to is conveniently close to home and my work place, and thus with anything happening I can always be at my child's disposal at a drop of a hat, but how many parents can actually afford such luxury?

Are our children in safe hands?
The giving of education is love itself

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