Sunday, December 15

Showcasing: Asma'a Collectionz

Asma M Al Kharusi had struggled to establish a company and name for herself in what she believes to be the her door way to "promote Omani heritage and culture in a modern way". She persevered in her dream, and has finally reached a status that is befitting to the items, and heritage she bestows to each of the pieces on display in her shop.

The idea for Asmaa Collectionz came to esxistance off  her family’s travel company. Asmaa would take guests to Muttrah to buy local suvaniours, and realised that there was a gap in items that were Omani and modern. Her shop represents Omani pieces that are embellished with mother of pearl and lacquer; these unique items can be considered as the Omani antiques of the future.

Asmaa Collectionz provides necklaces, earrings, bangles and khanjars adorn a variety of sleek products that ranges from coasters, tablemats and trays to lamps, boxes, tables and chairs. Each item is actually designed by Asma Kharusi and is craftsman made to the highest specifications to reflect the goal and aim she ventured to portray in her vision.

Asma Al Kharusi can be considered an insparation to the young enterpuners seeking to establish a name in the market. Identifiying what was lacking in the local market, and with a pircing vision and determination was able to fill that need and also benefit in perserving the Omani heritage.

Asma Collectionz can be found in the Opera Galleria (Royal Opera House) located on the 2nd Floor.

ايش اللقطه
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  1. I just love her!

    Had to buy the little postcards, same as the restroom signs at Ubhar restaurant. Beyond darling.

    1. I love the unique authenticity of each piece

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