Sunday, November 17

Local Happenings: The Omani Costume Heritage

Like almost anything and everything that happens here locally, the The Omani Costume Heritage is another event that lacked advertising and marketing appeal, with only a few people who knew of its happening. Yet Aish elaqtta couldn't give it a miss since it was a representation of Omani Costume Heritage held at the Royal Opera House, Muscat.
The Omani Costume Heritage was a fashion show event, held at the open area infront of ROH-Muscat. The collection was designed by Alaa Al Saubi, who is a fashion designer and make-up artist plus owner of a beauty shop in Al Hail. The unique aspect of the fashion show was the design of the biggest Omani dress from the Dhofar region of Oman, that was displayed on the stage of the runway, and arranged by Capital Store.

The fashion show displayed 43 pieces of clothing representing various regions in the Sultanate. Its worthy to note that Alaa Al Saubi did not modernise the clothing, and kept it in original form unlike other modern designers, thus keeping to the true heritage of the Omani dress.

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