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Local Buzz Worthy: 5th Muscat Youth Summit 2013

The 5th Muscat Youth Summit is an annual initiative organized by the Brand Oman Management Unit (BOMU) supported by UNESCO, the Sultanate's Ministry of Education and the Oman National Commission for Education, Culture and Science.
It is schedualed to be held on the 14th-19th Dec at Crowne Plaza, Duqm. The solgan this year for the summit is "Investing in the Future". 

It gives the youth of Oman a voice in the planning of activities and programs for their communities and also provides information to adults making decisions that may affect the future generations.
What is The Muscat Youth Summit all about?
BOMU will be welcoming 200 students from across Oman and internationally for an open-minded exchange of diverse perspectives on contemporary global challenges. The Muscat Youth Summit (MYS) blends social interaction with cultural, economic and entrepreneurial components to create a cohesive experience that promotes cross-cultural youth dialogue and socially responsible leadership.
The Summit has been designed specifically to help young people explore issues that include: entrepreneurship, urban development, the environment, sustainability, innovation and creativity.
Who organizes MYS?
MYS is organized by the Brand Oman Management Unit (BOMU).  BOMU was established in January 2009, to lead and facilitate the promotion of the Sultanate by bringing together leading businesses and organizations from Oman’s public and private sectors, to position and promote the Sultanate as a world class destination where people choose to visit, live and in which companies want to do business and invest.
Who attends MYS?
MYS attracts 200 students aged 15 to 24 from different countries in the world.

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