Wednesday, November 20

Local Happenings: The WGO Winter Bazaar

The Women's Guild Oman, ran a 'Winter Bazaar' yesterday, 19th Nov at 9am in the Al-Bahja Hall located next to the Jungle Restaurant at the Qurum Natural Park.

This has been the fourth Winter Craft Fair run by the WGO, and it has steadily grown in popularity over the years. The WGO had a  packed house with 70 stalls. A majority of the stalls have been booked by WGO members, and the Crafty in Oman members who made up for a huge number of the craft stalls.

As creator and admin of the face book social page; Crafty in Oman. I am overjoyed by the outreach that our members are getting via the page. We actually started the page almost 2years ago, and it currently has 1,170+ members registered on the page from various backgrounds and origins, which makes for a blend of craft work being displayed daily on the social page.

The  aim of the page is to allow the local community to find creativity, support and resources for the various craft activities that interest them. Crafty in Oman has conducted two of its own craft fairs, and will be running another very soon. Our vision for the group is to bring together the crafters of all nationalities who currently reside in Oman under one roof. To help, support and guide our crafty community.

If you want to know more about Crafty in Oman, you can find us in The Week feature on pg.12 or on our Face book page here. Visit the page to 'Get Crafty. Get Creative'.

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