Friday, November 22

Hot Topic: Flexible working hours

I will try not to base this topic to a specific gender, yet I believe it could be more relevant to one gender more than another in this society.

The title says it all.

Yet an individual needs to consider the advantages and direct benefits that an organisation and employee can gain by adopting flexible working hours. An employee would have the added benefit of deciding his/her work timing, that may help avoid travel rush hour for example or to attend personal activities such as transporting kids to school.

Flexible working hours may result in reduced absence, and lateness to work. Which are considered as a big cultural issue in the local work environment. Its very common practice to fake illness, or ignore work duties to attend to personal matter in this society. This lack of work ethics all contributes to the overall performance of an organisation.

Consider all the other factors that can effect an organisation negatively such as; long lunch breaks, late arrivals, prayer break and early leavers. There all are are considered as part of time worked in the office,  and are used as part of production time in the office. By introducing flexi hours and employee would be held accountable for the time wasted and also will result in reduction of over time, which will lead to overall cost control.

I don't know if this concept can be applied in  our very laid back culture. Where we are actually considered as lazy, and unproductive employees in various sectors. Have you ever considered such an option? keeping in mind the reduction that comes with it in salary.

Is this society ready to adopt flexible working hours? Honestly, I don't think so.

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  1. Frankly speaking, flexi hours IF introduced like u mentioned, will definitely cut on costs and go to those who do deserve and work with dedication.
    I just can't fathom people with "no conscious" demanding their salary to be paid in full at the end of the month when they have spent a good portion of their so called "working hours" running their personal errands. So yeah, in my opinion it will be a Bold move if its applied in our society.

  2. If and only if, a proper step by step educating employees about this flexi-hour concept and the benefits!! A whole culture crafting needs to be put in.. As any change in organizations resistance occurs,now management need to work SMART with this if they practice it with seriousness believe me others will... Otherwise it will fail with A+....its a beautiful concept if properly planned and implemented...

  3. Tef and Um Said,
    I still say that even with proper implementation it would fail, due to the expected no moral work ethics that most individuals in this society are accustomed to.

    We are known sadly by our lazy work culture.

  4. The majority of Omanis already work flexible hours.
    It just has different names:
    Death in the family.
    I have to take my (insert family member here) to the hospital.
    I need to go to the bank.
    The traffic, yanni.
    I have to go to the Ministry.
    etc etc

    1. Its called non ethical work behavior


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