Sunday, November 24

Local Buzz Worthy: Majarat Oman

Majarat Oman  A GIGANTIC indoor water park designed by the same team that developed the Gold Coast's Warner Bros Movie World is scheduled to open in Oman in early 2016.
The 25,000sq m water park, Majarat Oman, will be built at Al Sawadi Beach in the Wilayat of Barka, 72km north of Muscat.
Designed by the Sanderson Group of Australia, the water park will be divided into four main areas with individual themes.
Visitors to the Majarat Oman will be able to enjoy many family-friendly adventures, waterslides and/or the option of watching live musical and cultural shows. It will also include a number of carefully selected entertainment activities, diving sports, cinemas, modern restaurants and also include halls for conferences and special events catering to the needs of a growing audience for a wider range of event venues in Oman.


  1. Assuming the locals don't do another Blue City and "mismanage" the money again!

    1. I wouldnt hold my breath, though it would be a "nice to have" feature in Oman


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