Thursday, November 21

Giveaway and Show casing: Tahir M Al Battashi aka Dj Dovie

I talked about a GIVEAWAY a while back here. Well, its finally here!

The chance for you to get your hand on a free giveaway and the work of a unique local graffiti artist.

All  you need to is the following....

Stand on one leg, and rub your belly as you say "Aish Elaqtta" 50 times (cheesy ain't it)

Here you go:

1. Follow the Facebook page  if you cant get to it via the link then simply search for it
2. Take a screen shot of the blog and post it on your Instagram profile, obviously tagging the Aish Elaqtta insta profile and Taher Majid insta profile
3. Finally (i know its the last bit, honest) Spread the word by tagging one of your friends to the Instagram profile.

Simple ya?

Why are we making you do all this? Its really simple we want to spread the word, about the how AMAZ-ing this page really is, and about all that's going on in the local scene.

We cant let you have all the fun alone.

Whats in it for you?
You get to keep not ONE but TWO GIVEAWAYS!!!! Exclusively made by our handsome graffiti artist and our very own DJ Dovie. One of the giveaways being a graffiti artwork on canvas and the other is a t-shirt displaying DJ Dovie's great creativity.

Taher Majid aka Dj Dovie can be reached via instagram here.
To list to his music link here 

Email || Instagram @aishelaqtta|| Twitter

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