Tuesday, November 19

Blog Profile Update

Aish Elaqtta on Facebook
It's been hectic few weeks and I finally had the time to open a Facebook page for Aish elaqtta. You can search the page, and "Like" so as to keep up to date with all the posts shared. Also enabling you to share the info easier with your contacts.

The blog"http://aishelaqtta.blogspot.com/" is coming up on being a month old!!!

Its been a active filled month with a lot going on on the local scene. I thought I would share some stats to those of you who are interested in advertising, or to get featured on the page.

If you would like to know more about Aish Elaqtta click here and if your interested in being featured on the page then click here

The outreach thus far [1 month-Oct/Nov]

22Oct/19Nov Total page views 4,335
Top 5- page views per post
I hope that you find the blog useful, and please do leave me a comment with any feedback or if you want to see anything in particular thats missing in the blog.

Thank you for your support and please do share to spread the word and follow to stay updated.

ايش اللقطه

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