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Jashn- A celebration called India

You know when you go to a place and have a pre-conceived notion that the place could be the best thing you have ever been to or a complete fail. Well to be honest that was the way I felt heading to this restaurant with my in laws family. I felt a foreboding experience in my gut and literally held my breath till we arrived at Jashn, wanting to impress my family a night before Ramadan! (What was I thinking?)  

The place is a true gem.
I am honestly happy to report that as soon as the first accompanying amuse bouche of pani puri without the filled puri I felt that this place is a treasure trove of secrets waiting to be discovered. The little delicate incasing was filled with pickles and accompanying chutney that gave a delicious short and sweet blow to your taste buds and the right balance to your palate as to what’s coming next. I sighed with relief knowing that we were in good hands.
There was never a lack of admiration, appreciation and sheer exhilaration from my party. The endless dished that came out ranging from four cheese malai tikka, mutton seekh parcels, candied batata wada and the star of the night the innovatively created pani puri shots with its accompanying flavored filling ranging from tamarind, yogurt, watermelon, orange. All the while we kept being introduced to an array of drinks that didn’t stop short from being refreshing and completely exceptional.
There is no denying that my taste buds were having a party from all the amazing flavors in every dish, and I would defiantly visit again just to experience the exhilaration and the humbling service we received. I must say that from its actual location and modest décor the staffs at Jashn are exceptionally courteous. I would actually go again in a heartbeat and would not want to deviate from all the selections of food that was presented.
Can you say paratha? OMG!
We were offered an array of saucy dishes accompanied by different paratha…wait I will list them out. There was the mozzarella chicken tikka masala which was so divine and my brother in laws favorite. How can you go wrong with cheese? Then Paneer Lababdar cubes in aromatic, spicy gravy with sautéed onions. Nariyal ka Gosht a Punjabi dish of tender meat in a coconut sauce and finally Peeli Mirch ka Murgh, which is hot bell pepper chicken in a creamy sauce. I am getting hungry as I write this…maybe it wasn’t a good idea to start this review while fasting, but to recall all these dishes is simply a pleasure.
Desert was a different story in itself, with an array of trio hulwa, nutella shahi tukda and the gulab jamun carpaccio tart I don’t think I could do it justice. I will allow the pictures to do the talking, but I will mention the little surprise ending at the end of our meal, which would completely startles you just as the starter amuse bouche did. We were served complementary PAN cotton candy in a little arrangement that melts your heart and taste buds.
If anything Jashn knows how to deliver in every aspect. I loved that the place was a home grown concept, which set itself apart with modern twist to Indian food that can only be seen as innovative. As the Jashn’s website states; “Welcome to JASHN! Indulge in a magical celebration that is sure to please your palate and satisfy your senses!” and that’s the honest truth.
Where is this diamond in the rough? It’s actually located in Al Khuwair directly opposite (inside lane way no.4144) the Safeer International Hotel click here

Aishelaqtta ايش اللقطه
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