Thursday, March 19

Ethics of....

As a social event blog I do get “invited” when a new menu gets introduced or when a venture opens up. Why? Simply because new and upcoming endeavor have the perception and know-how as to how effective bloggesr are as a marketing strategy. What we provide as bloggers is not influenced by anything other than our choice of writing about a specific event, restaurant or experience. As blogger, social media page and personalities we are here to serve those who follow what we have to say, and keep the “word of mouth” going to enhance local endeavors.

I completely agree with a recent post written by Badermania, in regard to getting "FREE" food for a blogging/social media promotion service. The opinion of other food bloggers resonated true based on the fact that we don’t look for a free meal, and it does not persuade us to write a “good” review based on the invite we received.

I have recently read the comment placed on Oman Restaurant Review, and must be honest that initially I was upset for the admin running the page. Why shouldn’t they be rewarded/invited to review a specific place? The effort placed to maintain the page is tremendous and I felt that no justification should’ve been given since it is.... 1. Their idea 2. Own effort to maintain the page and 3. A validation for the work they have been doing on the social page in keeping it active and interesting.

There are a lot of people who approach me stating how they follow my blog and many others so as to get an honest opinion or to know of a specific business enterprise, or to simply learn about a certain experience. It’s only justifiable that bloggers get a “perk” for the time and effort placed in maintaining this method of sharing information and advertising tool. From time to time and maybe more frequently on other social media pages you as the reader get to share in that experience or get an opportunity to get rewarded too.

It’s all for the love of sharing, recommendation, suggestions and social marketing promotion.

Aishelaqtta ايش اللقطه
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