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Oman Green Awards

Registeration and Nomination are now open from the Oman Green Awards 2014 to be held on the 3rd September, 2014 by Oman Economic Review (OER)
Oman Green Awards is the ultimate recognition for companies, institutions and individuals in Oman, who demonstrate a commitment towards responsible consumption and sustainable growth. The award honours and celebrates their vision in leading the way to a cleaner, greener tomorrow.
The Green Awards
Economic experts have suggested that creating a green economy is going to top the agenda of most corporates by the turn of this decade as every company worth its salt strives to contribute its mite to protect and restore what is left of the Earth and our environment.

As the world population increases, the demand for food, energy, and luxuries has increased manifold. The first casualty of catering to the burgeoning demands of the increasing urban populace is the environment. Therefore, it is not only corporate but also individuals and organisations, who need to contribute towards restoring the dwindling natural resource that we call the Earth.

As the country’s first Environmental Awards, the Oman Green Awards have been created to awaken the eco-consciousness in every Omani citizen and resident. The ultimate aim is to motivate behavioural change and increase awareness in relation to the protection and preservation of our environment.

Oman Green Awards will honour outstanding environmental vision, endeavours and achievements of corporate and individuals who matter most as they strive in this environmental cause.

Why Green Awards?
As a young nation with an aspiration to develop on all fronts, Oman has made giant strides, but in this march towards prosperity, the concept of eco-consciousness was in its infancy. But now, a growing class of educated Omanis have realised that to preserve the country and its environment for the future generations, the conservation of oil supplies, preservation of the natural wildlife heritage, and water resources is indeed a given must. Combined with this is the fact that air, water, and land pollution are also significant environmental issues, which need to be tackled before things go out of hand.

So, one could emphatically say, yes, there is a need for green awards.

  1. To give a boost local environmental efforts and achievements

    The Oman Green Awards will be an ideal platform to honour, appreciate and promote voluntary efforts and achievements. It is an acknowledged fact that the local green activities and earth-friendly efforts and achievements have not been recognised. Globally and regionally, however, environmental awards in governmental, corporate and other sectors have been evolving for several years.

  2. To give green groups a platform for concerted action

    Several organisations including corporate houses, institutions, schools etc are involved in relentless efforts to protect and preserve the environment. But the lack of an umbrella organisation that will bring these players together and facilitate better coordination and exchange of ideas creates an inherent lacuna in the system. The Oman Green Awards, as the first of its kind in the Sultanate, quite naturally is expected to facilitate steps to create a forum for coordinated eco-efforts in the country.

  3. To raise awareness and generate greater action

    Only an enhanced awareness campaign will stir interest and wake up the people from general inaction and minimal activism to positive environmental goals. The Oman Green Awards is a significant step to create and increase environmental awareness, as these will also lead towards greater action in the long term, both at a community and decision making levels. This website itself is a great awareness tool and is a medium to disseminate information to the public at large.
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