Wednesday, August 6

Entrepreneurship Award for SMEs

 Pubic Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises

"In continuation of the Royal orders and as part of constant backing that the Sultanate is offering small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country, the first Ruwad award aiming to promote SMEs was launched yesterday. Accordingly, there will be three recognitions including Entrepreneurship Award; SME Award and Supporter/Sponsor of SME Award aiming to identify and recognise key distinctions such as Best Entrepreneur (male) and Best Entrepreneur (female); Best Project/Idea/Concept; Best Home Business; Best Media
The Entrepreneurship Award is the result of the Royal directives at the conclusion of the symposium for SMEs which was held from January 21 to 23, 2013 — the third resolution of which was the institution of an award to be “a reward of high standard aimed at SMEs, entities and individuals supporting them”.
Applications for the awards can be submitted till the date of initial registration which is August 3. There will be a workshop on August 8 followed by final registration on August 10. The submitted papers will be evaluated in October and November and the finalisation and nomination will be done in December this year.
The awards will be distributed in January 2015.
In order to ensure that the desired results behind this concept are achieved, a committee was formed to oversee the application, eligibility, criteria and evaluation and judgment processes. It will also supervise and determine the orientation of public and various categories and terms, and include representatives of the board of directors general of the development of small and medium enterprises, media and Oman Chamber of Commerce and industry (OCCI) and the Ministry of Higher Education." Source link


ايش اللقطه
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