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Social Common Mistakes

Every once in a while I like to surf the net in search of tips and learning points about my new obsession. I am  looking out to understand the social media concepts and approaches available. Thus I decided to share a post about the common mistakes that any enthusiast might be doing without realizing it.

Consider them as the social decorum of social media.

The Number ONE of the list is actually very simple and a general rule where its best practice to always respond to comments or to simply acknowledging that a person has made an effort to write something on your space. Imagine if it’s done to you in a real social setting, then now imagine that etiquette being the same actually distasteful.

TWO on the list is overflowing. Social media is based on the interactions but there is nothing social about following a few 100 people online. If you want your platform to work for you then you need to work out a slow progression and interact when necessary. Its just like PR and marketing where you don't want to overdo the sales pitch and lose out.

This next one is more for organisation who hire a young graduate to run your profile. Thus point number THREE is about letting a new level employee manage your online platform thinking that you have actually dodged a bullet by spending less.

To put this in prospective think of it this way. You would think that a new young employee would be on-the- ball and with his/her over 2,000 followers on Instagram and even expanding exposure, but chances are s/he might not be the right choice. your presence is far too valuable to leave in the hands of someone who is new, inexperienced and lacks the basis of your establishments. Would you place your jewellery under your bed for safe keeping, or rather put it in a safe or bank?

Number FOUR is a no brainier in that you need to really know your limits at times, and thus its about maintaining more than one profile on various platforms. The tasks could be simple if you have the know how and it and easy mechanism but lets be honest how many of you out there have more than one instagram account, probably two twitter account and a number of pages on Facebook? I fall pray to this one too but then you need to understand the amount of time I dedicate to being online and managing this platform. Its not a easy task so lets not fall into it

Hmmmm... the above point sort of justified the next one. Thus number FIVE is about pretending that social media is FREE. I've said it before where anyone can open a profile over any social media application, that doesn't cost much, but managing (managing them well) those profile is the issue. It does not happen magically and actually takes more of an investment in time, energy, strategy and resources to get your money's worth. Any organisation be it small or big cannot ignore these costs when planning a strategy for their social media presence and strategies. In some shape or form you need to evaluate what is being delivered.

Point number SIX is a basic one where most social media profiles fall into. Its basically the laziness of failing to update regularly. In my interview I talked about being consistent in terms of the message you want to showcase yourself but its also vital to be consistent in terms of your participation. Its a tricky factor to maintain since there are time where you feel that you would rather fall off the face of the earth than having regular interactions and maintaining your presence. Something to consider when starting to utilise social media is that its a tool that needs to be interactive, communicative and engaging thus it suffices to say that you need to be willing to be an active participant.

Finally those enthusiastic to create a presence via social media need to keep in mind that its not something that would will shoot you to stardom overnight. Your ROI can be measured over a period of time whether it be on a business prospective or a personal one. Like all things good in this world to get the most out of social media is to have realistic expectations.

Cyber space is your oyster.

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